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5 Game-Changing Facts that Prove the Value of Multi-Touch Attribution

5 Game-Changing Facts that Prove the Value of Multi-Touch Attribution

Multi-Touch Attribution


Learn how to unlock marketing opportunity costs and avoid waste with multi-touch attribution.

What makes a prospect go from seeing your ad to browsing your site to becoming a paying customer?

These days, consumers take an increasingly complex digital journey. This is difficult to monitor and harder still to measure.

It’s never been more important to get marketing analytics right. You need to know that your marketing dollars are delivering maximum impact.

This ebook is for every marketer who is struggling to understand the value of every touchpoint.

Download the ebook to learn:

  • Five game-changing facts that show the direct impact of multi-touch attribution on the bottom line
  • How you can unlock 25% in marketing opportunity costs
  • How to connect the dots between your marketing and your company’s business goals
  • How to react more quickly to performance fluctuations
  • How to avoid wasting up to 38% of your monthly spend on non-performing tactics

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