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How Multi-Touch Attribution Helps Agencies Prove Their Value

How Multi-Touch Attribution Helps Agencies Prove Their Value

Multi-Touch Attribution


Learn why many agencies have turned to multi-touch attribution to help them deliver results.

Brands turn to agencies for expertise, innovative work and a fresh perspective. They rely on these partnerships to develop strategy and to help assemble the correct mix of tactics to meet their goals.

An agency’s ability to measure these tactics once creative is in market is critical to generating results that will keep a client on board for years.

This ebook is for every agency that wants to build trust and create lasting client relationships by bolstering their ideas with measurable data and results.

Download the ebook to discover:

  • Why agencies need to move on from the legacy of last touch
  • How multi-touch attribution helps agencies deliver value
  • How agencies are using multi-touch attribution to improve accuracy and actionability

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