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Measurement for the Digital Era

Measurement for the Digital Era: Strategies for 5 Key Marketing Roles

Multi-Touch Attribution


Learn how to get an accurate view of performance and achieve shared goals.

Setting your team up for success is tougher than ever. If your organization sets individual goals and incentives by silo, you may be hurting rather than helping performance.

Marketing organizations have gotten more complex. Assuming that every part of the organization is doing all they can to feed the funnel and drive results is no longer enough.

Download this ebrief to learn:

  • How CMOs, VPs/Directors, Channel Managers, Media Planners and Analysts use data
  • Why each team member needs actionable marketing intelligence at a different cadence
  • How you can use digital-era tools to measure person-level data across tactics and channels
  • Why multi-touch attribution is a game-changer that can put your business on a whole new playing field

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