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People-Based Marketing: Intelligence for a New Age

People-Based Marketing: Intelligence for a New Age

Marketing Effectiveness


Find out how marketing intelligence can help you master the chaos of the consumer experience

Soaring consumer expectations have proved disruptive to traditional marketing approaches. Managing advertising and marketing channels separately using silod channel-specific strategies, tactics and metrics is no longer effective. Further, the strategies and technologies that marketers have relied on for years to target, execute and measure their marketing and advertising campaigns have not evolved fast enough to keep pace with these demands. Today’s marketing age requires a more sophisticated intelligence.

People-Based Marketing: Intelligence for a New Age explores the most pressing challenges facing marketers today and the growing need for a new kind of marketing intelligence that enables you to understand marketing and advertising performance in combination with the unique profiles of your customers and prospects. Only then can you orchestrate the optimal customer experience across channels and devices, and optimize your spend to maximize business results.

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