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Stop Making Excuses eBrief

Stop Making Excuses for Poor Measurement

Marketing Effectiveness


Don’t Let Short-Term Thinking Keep You from Long-Term Gain

Why are some of your competitors knocking it out of the park while your sales or repeat purchases or customer lifetime value (or other KPI) have plateaued? Could it be because you’re not measuring your marketing the right way?

Marketing has grown increasingly complex. Yet many marketers are still using siloed, outdated and inaccurate techniques to measure their efforts. To optimize experiences and results, marketers need an actionable understanding of what’s influencing consumers across the entire consumer journey. As a CMO, VP or marketing director, you may already know adopting a multi-touch attribution approach is essential to remain competitive.

Many companies have four main excuses for using poor measurement practices:

  1. I can’t add another platform. My martech ecosystem is already too fragmented.
  2. We already have customer journey analytics.
  3. Upgrading our measurement approach will interrupt the workflow.
  4. Upgrading our measurement will be too expensive.

We’re here to help. Download this ebrief to learn how you can overcome four common excuses many companies have for using poor measurement practices.

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