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Justifying Your Media Spend with Multi-Touch Attribution

Justifying Your Media Spend with Multi-Touch Attribution

Multi-Touch Attribution

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Find out how you can prove your channel’s contribution to the business.

Justifying your marketing budget can be one of the most challenging tasks for Channel Managers. You are bursting at the seams with intra-channel performance data, but that data is not always consistent across the entire marketing department because everyone uses different tools and success metrics. When it comes time for the C-suite to nail down a budget, you do not have the data you need to prove your contribution to the bottom line and get the budget your channel deserves.

As a result, companies often end up misallocating budget to underperforming channels because they base their decisions off siloed, inaccurate data derived from biased attribution methods. Some of these methods, like last-touch, underestimate the impact of paid media channels altogether. Because last-touch attributes one hundred percent of the credit to the last touchpoint in the consumer journey, it tends to allocate credit to organic channels such as direct, organic search, organic social, and referral over paid media.

Multi-touch Attribution (MTA) provides advertisers with a single source of truth for marketing performance, measuring the impact of every channel down to the keyword/placement level, and determining the appropriate credit each deserves for driving your success metrics. With MTA, you no longer have to worry about the accuracy of your data underestimating the impact of your channel during budgeting season.

The question is, how can you use MTA to justify your media spend? Download our Solution Brief to find how how MTA can help you prove your channel’s contribution by showing upward trends, digging into performance, showing optimizations within budget constraints, showing that you are spending the optimal amount to hit your goals, and more.

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