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Converging Adtech & Martech: Reality or Distant Future?

Converging Adtech & Martech: Reality or Distant Future?

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Converging Adtech & Martech: Reality or Distant Future?

The discussion around the convergence of ad tech and martech shows no sign of abating, with analyst firm Forrester Research releasing a report last month dedicated to the subject: Kick Start Your AdTech/MarTech Convergence.

In addition to providing advice for merging these technologies, such as mastering persistent consumer identifiers, the report also gives an overview of current convergence progression.

It seems that although technological unification is a popular subject, it’s still a distant reality for most organisations: nearly three-quarters (73%) are more than a year away from full integration, and the timeline is indefinite for two-fifths (40%) of respondents. So, with many marketers on the path to convergence, Vanessa Tadier, general manager, Europe, Visual IQ, answers the question: what makes the journey worthwhile?

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