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How Can People-Based Advertising Overcome Ad Fraud?

How Can People-Based Advertising Overcome Ad Fraud?

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How Can People-Based Advertising Overcome Ad Fraud?

Ad fraud has become a leading transparency concern among UK marketers, but despite industry-wide efforts to detect and eliminate fraudulent practices, the issue only seems to be growing.

Earlier this year Google offered to refund advertisers after discovering ads were running on websites with fake traffic, and just recently a malvertising attack involving the Financial Times was revealed to have been active for months before it was discovered.

Fraudulent traffic is costing marketers dearly, with ad revenue wasted on clicks generated by bots expected to reach $16.4 billion globally this year.

At present there seems little hope of wiping out ad fraud altogether, and with billions to play for, fraudsters are incentivised to devise ever more sophisticated techniques. But that doesn’t mean marketers should accept the status quo.

In an article for iMedia, Visual IQ’s General Manager of Europe, Vanessa Tadier, explains two key steps marketers can take to combat ad fraud and prevent their budgets from being wasted on bots.

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