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Most Customer Experiences Are Discordant. Make Yours Harmonious

Most Customer Experiences Are Discordant. Make Yours Harmonious.

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Most Customer Experiences Are Discordant. Make Yours Harmonious.

In an orchestra, each musician plays a key role in making a beautiful harmony. Although individual instruments are important on their own, it’s the combination of all the instruments and how they relate to one another that makes the music powerful and creates the sound that resonates with audiences.

Like orchestras, all of the various components of a marketing program—from TV ads, emails, and display ads, to mobile apps, landing pages, and paid search—play a crucial role in delivering a delightful consumer experience. If they aren’t working harmoniously, it impacts how likely new and existing customers are to shop, buy, or even recommend a brand to others.

Yes, most marketers still think about the consumer experience in terms of individual channels and separate interactions instead of considering the end-to-end experience. This creates discordance for customers.

Delivering relevant, harmonious experiences across channels and devices isn’t easy. But it’s mission-critical if marketers are to win consumers’ business and loyalty.

So, how can marketers orchestrate optimal consumer experiences that attract new customers and keep existing customers coming back for more?​

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