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The Power of Social Lies in People-Based Marketing

The Power of Social Lies in People-Based Marketing

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The Power of Social Lies in People-Based Marketing

​Back in 2005, when TheFaceBook pitched for a Starbucks DoubleShot advertising opportunity, social marketing might easily have been written off as a passing craze. But a decade later, with the re-named social network making over $9 billion in ad revenue in a single quarter, social media advertising is now an integral part of the digital marketing landscape.

​From established players such as Facebook and Twitter to newer arrivals such as Snapchat and Instagram, brands are flocking to social networks in a bid to engage audiences. Ad sales in social media grew by almost 50% last year and remains high in 2017.

​So what makes social media such a powerful tool for marketers and are they making the most of the opportunities it brings? Visual IQ’s Vanessa Tadier explains in an article for M&M Global.

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