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Why Real Time is the Right Time

Why Real Time is the Right Time

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Why Real Time is the Right Time

Today’s marketers have an increasing need for speed. Consumers want brands to be faster than ever in anticipating and responding to their needs, with almost two-thirds (64%) expecting companies to interact with them in real time. The faster marketers can respond to a consumer’s dynamic needs and changing behaviours, the quicker they can turn prospects into delighted customers, and customers into vocal advocates.​

This quest for speed and agility takes place against a background of fragmentation and complexity. Marketers can no longer reach the majority of their target audience by advertising on a couple of TV networks as they did in the past. There are an overwhelming number of channels today, and marketers need to make sure their messages are delivered to the right audiences, at the right time, and through their preferred channels if they want to maximise results and return.

So, how can marketers meet this on-going need for speed? Visual IQ’s Vanessa Tadier explains in an article for Digital Doughnut.

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