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Forrester People-Based Marketing Q&A

The Next Big Thing: A Q&A with Forrester’s Tina Moffett

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Few trends have taken the marketing world by storm like people-based marketing. The concept – which represents an industry shift from targeting cookies to targeting real people across channels and devices using a persistent identity – is in direct response to rapidly changing consumer behaviors.

Always connected and increasingly empowered, today’s consumers expect relevant and coordinated experiences from the brands they interact with, regardless of when or where those interactions occur.

The rewards are substantial for marketers who can meet these demands and enhance the consumer experience in the moments that matter. But like any new marketing strategy, effectively implementing a people-based approach requires the right combination of people, process and technology.

In this exclusive Q&A, Forrester Senior Analyst Tina Moffett shares her thoughts about this growing industry phenomenon and the steps marketers can take to meet their people-based marketing goals.

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