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Understanding Every Touchpoint: A Q&A with Forrester’s Jim Nail

Understanding Every Touchpoint: A Q&A with Forrester's Jim Nail

Multi-Touch Attribution


Understanding Every Touchpoint:
A Q&A with Forrester's Jim Nail

Marketing has grown increasingly complex. You’re using more channels than ever before to reach, engage and convert your target consumers, and they expect a relevant, coordinated experience. Yet many marketers are still using siloed, outdated and inaccurate techniques to measure their efforts.

To optimize experiences and results, marketers need an actionable understanding of what’s influencing consumers across the entire consumer journey. Knowing what touches are important and how they work together is the foundation of multi-touch attribution.

In this exclusive Q&A, Forrester Senior Analyst Jim Nail shares his thoughts on why multi-touch attribution is gaining momentum and how marketers can take full advantage of this more robust measurement approach.

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