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The State of Attribution [Infographic]

The State of Attribution [Infographic]

Multi-Touch Attribution


See how marketers are benefiting from multi-touch attribution.

Legacy attribution methods, such as a last-touch attribution approach, no longer serve the purpose, as they cannot take cross-channel influences and synergies into account. To complicate matters, all of this must be done quickly, to take advantage of changing market conditions and keep pace with the competition and changing customer behavior.

To develop a more precise customer reach strategy; optimize spend across multiple tactics, campaigns, and channels; and measure the impact of cross-channel marketing campaigns, marketers need to use an advanced algorithmic attribution methodology.

To find out more, Visual IQ commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate the current state of algorithmic attribution. Forrester conducted in-depth interviews with 51 marketing professionals across the US and the UK responsible for digital channel optimization at their organization and using algorithmic attribution models.

Download our infographic to see what they found.

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