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Alternative Energy Company Maximizes ROI Using TrueMetrics to Optimize Marketing Mix


Sungevity specializes in the design, installation, financing and maintenance of home solar energy systems and is proving that “going solar” is easy to accomplish, a good investment, and a viable way to reduce carbon emissions. Sungevity currently serves homeowners in Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York.


Prior to utilizing attribution management products from Visual IQ, Sungevity lacked sufficient data and the appropriate marketing performance analysis methodology to accurately measure the effectiveness of its marketing ecosystem in producing iQuotes (a request for a quote submitted online – their version of a lead). This ecosystem included paid and organic search, online display advertising, direct website traffic, direct mail, and referrals from a robust partner program that included companies such as Lowes Home Improvement. Between marketing performance and CRM data obtained from their three different agencies, as well as their internal marketing team, it was taking a full-time Sungevity employee to gather, report and analyze the marketing performance data needed to make optimization decisions. And once this analysis was performed, optimization decisions were being based on flawed “last click” metrics that failed to account for any cross channel, cross campaign or cross tactic influence that the company intuitively knew was taking place.

Sungevity approached Visual IQ to not only automate the process of consolidating all of its marketing performance data into a single user interface where it could be analyzed in an apples to apples manner utilizing a common set of success metrics across all channels, campaigns and tactics – but to replace its outmoded last-click measurement methodology with TrueMetrics that would quantify the impact that every channel, campaign and tactic had on the other and on Sungevity’s overall marketing success. With this increased data gathering efficiency, and improved accuracy of analysis, the company sought to significantly decrease the cost of an iQuote and increase the ROI of its overall marketing ecosystem.


Marketers at Sungevity sought to make smarter decisions about how and where to spend their marketing dollars more efficiently and effectively.


As a result of implementing the IQ Envoy and IQ Sage products from Visual IQ to consolidate performance data from multiple channels, build the appropriate models and perform attribution, and ultimately predict the optimal combination of tactics for future marketing efforts, the marketers at Sungevity were able to:

  • Adjust their direct mail strategy, as the attribution process revealed a surprising overlap in marketing channels, whereby some channels that looked particularly effective were actually relying on other channels. As a result, the company is experimenting with various messaging options to boost the impact of its direct mail campaigns.
  • Build a more accurate and inclusive picture of when/how converting prospects were first touched by a marketing campaign, completed an iQuote and ultimately purchased, thereby changing the company’s perception of the length of an average sales cycle, and enabling them to better predict when revenue will be recognized after given marketing tactics are executed. This insight also enabled them to optimize their tactics in order to produce shorter sales cycles.
  • Gain an understanding of the true impact of various paid digital advertising channels across the entire consideration-to-purchase funnel and make more informed budget allocations and optimization decisions as a result.
  • View and analyze the ROI performance of all their partner organizations that refer business to them in an apples to apples manner, and make more informed decisions about those ongoing partner relationships, including the introduction of promotional incentives for top performing partners.


The insight provided by Visual IQ cross channel marketing attribution software products has allowed Sungevity to map out the true journey of a solar energy customer. With a better understanding of the impact its various marketing programs have on each other, Sungevity has been able to adjust its campaigns and marketing mix to maximize their ROI.

“Visual IQ’s products quickly paid for themselves through increased marketing effectiveness. The insights they have uncovered have been invaluable to us in our media planning and optimization efforts.”

Patrick Crane, Chief Marketing Officer, Sungevity