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OMD Nets an 18% Increase in Conversions for Leading Financial Services Company


This leading financial services company relies heavily on display advertising as part of its online marketing mix. Previously, the company used last click metrics to optimize its display campaigns, but recognized that this measurement approach wasn’t providing deep insights into the role that each display ad — or any other interaction — played in a customer’s path to conversion. The company looked to its media buying and planning agency, OMD, for a better way to measure its display advertising campaign performance and maximize the return on its online media investments.


Prior to engaging Visual IQ, OMD consolidated all of this client’s online media exposures into a single ad server in order to prevent duplicate conversion reporting and conduct conversion path analysis. While this enabled OMD to view display performance through a single interface, they still weren’t able to determine which attributes (ad size, placement, publisher, creative, offer, etc.) had the greatest impact on conversions. In addition, since the agency was only managing the client’s online display channel, they weren’t able to take into account the true impact that each channel, campaign and tactic had on each other. In order to make more informed optimization decisions, OMD and its client needed an attribution partner that could not only track, measure and report against every attribute associated with its online impressions, but against all the marketing touches that contributed to a conversion, such as organic search and direct visits to the website. Visual IQ, known for its highly accurate Big Data tracking and warehousing, was a perfect fit for the role.


Garner valuable insight into the relationships between channels and the influence of attributes in leading to conversions, and apply that knowledge to optimize display performance.


By leveraging the IQ Envoy product from Visual IQ to consolidate performance data from multiple channels, build the appropriate models and perform attribution, OMD was able to:

  • Successfully identify which display attributes had the biggest impact on conversions. For instance, the data revealed that the size of the ad had little influence compared to placement, and that the creative message was less important than the brand name.
  • Define a more accurate look-back window so that display efforts could be concentrated during the most impactful media periods.
  • Understand the impact of display throughout the consideration cycle compared to other channels.
  • Leverage existing pixel tags to capture performance data from all media sources (e.g., online display, paid and organic search, direct site visits, etc.) for a faster time to value with little IT development time.
  • View and analyze the performance of each publisher based on their conversion credit and reallocate budget based on those insights. OMD was also able to provide publishers with weekly blind ranking reports that showed how they measured up against their peers, providing motivation for them to continually optimize media buys and placements.


As a result of the insight provided by Visual IQ’s cross channel marketing attribution software, OMD was able to help its financial services client increase conversions by 18% over the previous year.

“By using Visual IQ’s advanced attribution solution, we were able to eliminate any discrepancies seen with last ad valuation models. Having a clear, accurate picture of the best performing placements enabled us to reinvest our client’s advertising dollars accordingly for a significant return on investment.”

J. Woody Meachum, Director, Digital Strategy, OMD