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Orange Embraces Multi-Touch Attribution to Maximize Conversions & Spend Efficiencies


Orange is one of the world’s leading telecommunications operators, with annual sales of €43.5 billion and 168,000 employees worldwide, including 103,000 employees in France. Marketers at the company use a number of channels – including display advertising, paid and organic search, retargeting, email marketing and affiliate marketing – to generate online sales of their mobile phone, mobile broadband and home broadband offerings.


Prior to utilizing Visual IQ’s Marketing Intelligence Platform, marketers at Orange were experiencing challenges accurately measuring the performance of their marketing efforts in driving online sales. The company had a multi-million euro advertising budget to spend in the fourth quarter of 2013, but with no insight into the true impact of each channel and tactics on conversions, or the influence exerted between them, they were unable to make informed decisions about how to effectively allocate their spend to maximize their marketing effectiveness.


Marketers at Orange wanted to leverage a proven multi-touch attribution solution that would enable them to achieve their fourth quarter conversion goals while significantly reducing cost per acquisition (CPA).


Visual IQ’s staff of experienced analytics and marketing experts provided the end-to-end support that Orange needed to achieve its business objectives.

The team began by leveraging Orange’s historical marketing performance data and the subsequent attributed TrueMetrics produced by Visual IQ’s Marketing Intelligence Platform to simulate media plan scenarios and predict performance based on their objectives. After testing multiple “what if?” scenarios, Visual IQ and Orange identified a mix of marketing channels and tactics that would enable them to achieve 97% of their conversion goals within the defined 3-month period. Moreover, Orange could reach this target using only 65% of their original budget, while driving down CPA by approximately one-third.

Due to the significant cost savings Visual IQ was proposing, approval on the new quarterly conversion and budget targets was required from the Orange management team. Once approved, the quarterly targets were then broken down into monthly targets that Visual IQ used as checkpoints to verify the accuracy and reliability of the platform’s recommendations with the Orange team.

Through the intelligence gained from the Visual IQ platform and the support provided by Visual IQ staff, Orange was not only able to meet their new monthly and quarterly conversion targets, but also maximize their spend efficiency. And since Orange’s actual performance data is continuously fed back into the Visual IQ platform, marketers at the company will benefit from increasingly more accurate optimization recommendations and predictions of marketing performance going forward.


During the quarter in which attribution-driven optimization actions were taken, Orange was able to achieve 97% of their conversion target, while reducing CPA by 32% and their quarterly advertising budget by 35%.

“For the first time, we’re able to make highly accurate predictions of what particular marketing expenditures and interactions will produce what results. Thanks to Visual IQ, the intelligence that their platform delivered, and the superior support of their staff, we’ve been able to generate more conversions at a substantially lower cost.”

Damien Duchaussoy, Digital Marketing Manager, Orange