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Telecommunications Company Increases Average Customer Lifetime Value by 15%


This $2+ billion telecommunications company is a digital media leader, delivering advanced and integrated products, solutions, and services for satellite, IPTV, cable, terrestrial, and consumer electronics markets around the world. With over 2,000 employees, it has more than 25 years of experience in designing, developing and distributing advanced television set-top boxes and related products for pay television providers as well as performing satellite operations.

Marketers at this company use a variety of channels to generate online and inbound call center purchases of their cable TV, phone, Internet, DVR, and related product bundles. They sought to gain a better understanding of the performance of their paid search, online display and email marketing channels by viewing the performance through a single interface, discover the impact of each of these channels on the other as well as on their overall conversion funnel, and gain insights that would allow them to optimize the combined performance of these channels.


Prior to implementing use of the IQ Intelligence Suite™ of cross channel marketing intelligence software products, marketers at this organization were spending $35 million annually on 26 different paid search, online display advertising, and email marketing campaigns across 8 product groups. Unfortunately, their marketers were managing these channels as separate silos with no quantifiable knowledge of the cross channel synergies or impacts of their efforts. As a result, they were unable to make informed decisions about how to most effectively integrate, or manage spend among these three channels to maximize their combined ROI.


The client wanted to more effectively integrate their paid search and online display campaigns with a goal of increasing the combined ROI of those channels by 15%, and the average lifetime value (LTV) of a customer by 10%.


When the client first engaged with Visual IQ, they provided direct access to the campaign performance data from their paid search initiatives in AdWords and AdCenter, as well as from all their online display advertising efforts (obtained from DoubleClick), their email marketing performance data, website transaction data, call center lead data, and customer sales data. Visual IQ consolidated and integrated all this disparate data, and configured the user interface and reporting functionality of Visual IQ’s software to track and measure marketing exposures and conversions across channels, campaigns, and marketing tactics. During this process customers were also categorized by their projected lifetime value (LTV) using the Audience IQ product. As a result, marketers were able to view the performance of all their paid search, online display advertising, and email marketing campaigns through a single interface — as well as analyze it by audience segment based on LTV.

Next, using the IQ Envoy software product, marketers were able to use the Visual IQ TrueAttribution® process to produce a set of TrueMetrics™ insights that included TrueConversion, TrueRevenue, and TrueLTV that accurately reflected the impact of each channel, campaign, and tactic on the other in terms of combined marketing performance, as well as by audience segment.

Through the insights and intelligence gained from Visual IQ products, marketers were able to optimize their media allocations across channels, publishers, offers, creatives, keywords and audience segments to maximize the revenue and customer LTV produced. They used an online display creative-to-keyword-affinity analysis to specifically maximize the synergies between those two channels. Finally, marketers curtailed spending on the most costly converter tactics that produced low ROI and low revenues.


Within six months of starting to use the software, the client was able to implement changes to their campaigns that produced an 18.2% increase in year over year ROI, and a 15% increase in average customer lifetime value. These exceeded their goals by 21% and 50% respectively.

“The extent to which our marketing organization has been able to operate in a more integrated fashion has been significantly enhanced by the use of Visual IQ’s products. We’ve increased ROI and LTV through the intelligence they have provided, and we now automatically think of a campaign’s or tactic’s potential impact on our overall marketing performance at the PLANNING stage. And as the executive responsible for marketing integration, that’s music to my ears.”

Vice President of Integrated Marketing, Leading Telecommunications Company