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The Realities of Cross-Device Marketing & Measurement

Volume 5, Issue 7 - July, 2015

Aman Khanna, Client Partner, Visual IQ

Isn’t it a wonder that the majority of digital media is consumed on mobile devices, yet less than 10.8% of media dollars flow towards mobile advertising? This low percentage isn’t completely surprising given the challenges marketers face when it comes to tracking, measuring and activating their media on mobile devices. Wouldn’t it be nice to be device agnostic – to deliver effective media messages on desktop and mobile devices and be able to track the user through to conversion regardless of the platform used?

All is not lost – there are ways to measure cross device effectively so you can make investment decisions with confidence. When developing your cross-device marketing and measurement strategy, be sure to heed these important tips:

Cross-Device Mapping Isn’t Perfect

Effective cross-device marketing and measurement hinges on the ability to track and target the same consumer as that person moves across multiple devices. While there are many viable solutions on the market today, there is no “perfect” solution for cross-device mapping. No vendor will be able to identify all your prospects and customers across every device used. However, the better cross-device partners will distinguish themselves by their ability to reduce the overall number of users while keeping your conversion count consistent across channels. In other words, the number of marketing touchpoints experienced by each individual user (i.e., their engagement stack) should increase as your cross-device partner is able to identify when two or more users are actually one unique user. Having this holistic, end-to-end view of the customer journey and the devices they use will enable you to develop a more effective media buying strategy.

Your Measurement Needs to Keep Up

Most marketers have come to recognize the fallacies of last click, but if you haven’t made the move to advanced marketing attribution yet, now is the time if you want build effective and sustainable cross-device marketing strategies. Measuring any media in a silo has limited potential, and the same goes for cross-device measurement. Whichever cross-device partner you choose must be supplemented with an advanced attribution solution in order to understand media impact across multiple devices. Overlaying your cross-device solution on your attribution platform will provide data-backed insights on what media is most effective (regardless of where it’s served), and how to best allocate your marketing dollars across mobile, desktop, tablets and other devices.

Don’t Forget Programmatic

The media-buying world is becoming increasingly programmatic – and it’s no different in the mobile space. Mobile demand-side platforms (DSPs) are constantly fighting for conversion credit with other DSPs/networks, which has bred a practice known as “cookie bombing.” Cookie bombing occurs when a DSP serves so many ads to so many users that they appear to be more effective than they might be otherwise. As a result, advertisers fall victim to misrepresented performance results. Advanced marketing attribution stops cookie bombing in its tracks by assigning fractional conversion credit to every touchpoint and touchpoint attribute (device type, placement, creative, etc.). By understanding the true impact that every mobile touchpoint and attribute has on conversions, marketers can filter out underperforming publishers, placements and keywords for a cookie-bomb proof understanding of effectiveness. Armed with this insight, marketers can allocate their mobile advertising budgets in the most effective way.

The proverbial coup de grace of cross-device marketing and measurement is delivered by the one-two punch of a cross-device mapping solution working in tandem with an advanced attribution platform. By understanding the full impact of all media across all screens, marketers can allocate their budget to the tactics that drive the most conversions and the highest return.

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