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Audience Insights

Understand marketing and media performance by audience

The more you engage and understand who a consumer is, the better your chances of converting her. Nielsen Visual IQ’s Integrated Audience capabilities help you understand which marketing and media tactics are most effective for each type of audience. It feeds audience data into our Multi-Touch Attribution solution and produces accurate, fractionally attributed metrics for each audience segment so you can discover what works best for the people that matter most.

Discover how your marketing tactics influence conversions

Nielsen Visual IQ’s audience capabilities provide insight into the specific audiences and respective media tactics that will be most effective in exceeding your marketing goals. By leveraging natively integrated Nielsen Audience Attributes or integrating audience data from your Data Management Platform (DMP), you will know which tactics are reaching your customers and prospects so you can optimize spend and improve the consumer experience.

Calculating performance data for each audience segment

Our solution runs user-level marketing performance and audience segment data through Nielsen Visual IQ’s Multi-Touch Attribution process and calculates the actual quantitative impact of your marketing and media tactics on each audience segment. To do this, Nielsen Visual IQ identifies individuals across devices and environments using the Visual IQ Unique ID (VUID). The solution uses the VUID to link anonymous profiles with your audience data. After filtering attributes, it creates audience segments against which it can measure the performance of your marketing and advertising tactics.

Identify the optimal media mix for each audience

Nielsen Visual IQ’s audience capabilities bridge audience attributes with multi-touch attribution for a holistic view of the consumer journey and the tactics and experiences that are most effective for each audience. You can identify the traits of customers with the highest propensity to convert or engage with your brand. Discover the marketing tactics (e.g. keywords, placements, targeting strategies) are not only reaching your audiences, but also influencing them to convert. And then optimize your media and creative mix by audience segment to produce the best return. You can also discover new audiences worth targeting in future campaigns.

Whether you work at the executive level or have a practitioner role, Nielsen Visual IQ’s Integrated Audience capabilities provide you with the insights you need to tailor your marketing efforts to each specific audience segment you target.

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