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Predictive Marketing

Forecast and optimize the impact of your marketing budget

There is no question that understanding the impact of your marketing efforts on business performance is key, but the true value comes from using those insights to inform your go-forward marketing strategy. What if you could evaluate various combinations of channels and tactics before spending a dime? Nielsen Visual IQ’s scenario planning solutions use predictive analytics and the results of your Marketing Mix Modeling or Multi-Touch Attribution solution to estimate the impact of future planned marketing scenarios and provide recommendations on how you should shift marketing activities to achieve optimal results. Now you can determine the best allocation for your budget with confidence.

Forecast unlimited media plan scenarios

Whether you’re leveraging our Marketing Mix Modeling solution, Multi-Touch Attribution solution, or both, we provide the simulation and optimization tools you need to make better business decisions. Leveraging your marketing mix results, Nielsen Marketing Planner simulates marketing strategies for a brand or an entire portfolio, projects sales results quickly across a wide range of spending scenarios, and helps you plan budgets at a granular level. Nielsen Visual IQ’s Scenario Planning solution gives you the freedom to forecast the outcome of unlimited media buying “what ifs?” based on your Multi-Touch Attribution TrueMetrics before making changes to your real-life marketing programs.

Generate scenarios based on your goals

Our scenario planning solutions seamlessly weave together historical performance data to simulate and optimize marketing plans. Each solution sorts through thousands of combinations to find the best allocation based on your budget, constraints, user-defined business rules and performance goals.

Nielsen Marketing Planner is a powerful mechanism for activating the mix models within your business planning and decision-making processes. It runs thousands of simulations with a click of the mouse to maximize sales, profit or a combination of both. In addition to forward-looking media planning, Marketing Planner also enables extensive reporting and drill-down against historic marketing mix results, enabling you to see how different factors influenced sales and how it changed over time, for any combination of products, geographies or time.

Using the TrueMetrics generated by Multi-Touch Attribution, Nielsen Visual IQ’s Scenario Planning Solution generates scenarios based on specific direct response (target cost per acquisition, total conversions, etc.) and brand marketing (target cost per engagement, engagement score, etc.) goals. Easily explore the right mix of marketing channels and tactics to achieve those goals. You can account for diminishing returns and even apply constraints based on real-world limitations in inventory or fixed media buying commitments. Once you’ve selected a mix of channels, campaigns, and tactics that meets your goals within your defined marketing budget, Scenario Planner delivers your optimal media plan. It’s ready for you to hand off to your colleagues, agencies or platform partners to put into market.

Produce the optimal media plan

Our Scenario Planning tools help you solve for the descriptive (what?), predictive (what if?) and prescriptive (what next?) questions of your marketing activities.

You will be able to see how the adjustments you make in one area of your marketing mix will impact the performance of others, without having to take the risk of putting it into market. Let Marketing Planner and Scenario Planner reveal the optimal marketing mix to achieve your business objectives.

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