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Multi-Touch Attribution

Discover the tactics and audiences behind your best-performing marketing

The variety of marketing channels, platforms and devices you use today to reach, engage and convert customers creates a massive amount of raw data. Nielsen Visual IQ’s Multi-Touch Attribution solution collects and de-duplicates performance, cost and audience attribute data from all your marketing channels and devices in real-time. Once collected, it runs this data through a sophisticated, algorithmic model to measure and analyze tactical marketing performance within each of your addressable channels. Learn which campaigns, publishers, placements, keywords, creatives and other tactics produce the best results based on your KPIs.

Understand what’s working (and what’s not)

Nielsen Visual IQ’s Multi-Touch Attribution solution calculates the true impact that each and every touchpoint in the consumer journey has on your marketing performance. It takes all your paid, owned and earned marketing data and runs it through our TrueAttribution® process every single day. The resulting insights it produces enable you to readily identify opportunities for inter- and intra-channel optimization — and avoid the costly mistakes that come from antiquated measurement techniques.

Analyze your marketing performance down to the most granular level

​Nielsen Visual IQ Multi-Touch Attribution analyzes the entire stack of marketing touchpoints across channels and granular attributes (campaigns, publishers, keywords, creatives, etc.) for each individual who is exposed to your marketing. It uses a machine learning approach to calculate the de-duplicated and quantitative impact that each touchpoint and attribute has on each of your success metrics. It then recalculates your current success metrics into a set of TrueMetrics® that reflect the true credit each touchpoint and attribute deserves.

​These TrueMetrics not only uncover the cross channel, cross campaign and cross tactic impact of the media you buy, but also mirror all the KPIs you already use with an unparalleled degree of accuracy. The solution then organizes all of this data within the dimensions of your existing marketing taxonomy (line of business, campaign, product, etc.).

With Nielsen Visual IQ audience capabilities, Multi-Touch Attribution also calculates the actual quantitative impact of your marketing and media tactics on each audience segment. Now you can truly optimize your marketing and advertising in the context of key audiences. Nielsen Visual IQ’s Multi-Touch Attribution solution delivers executive- and practitioner-level dashboards that not only show the performance of your marketing across channels and campaigns, but also the influence of those tactics on each of your target audiences—all in an interface that’s easy to navigate.

Discover your best-performing marketing based on the people that matter most

​Nielsen Visual IQ Multi-Touch Attribution takes the mystery out of your metrics. With a clear understanding of how different audiences interact with your brand and which channels, attributes and tactics are driving brand engagement, conversions, and other key metrics, you can optimize budgets while delivering coordinated experiences that maximize business results.

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