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TV Attribution

Measuring TV’s effectiveness at driving a response

Accurately measuring TV advertising’s impact on its viewers has long been a challenge. Remove the guesswork with TV Attribution, which connects the dots between your TV ads and their impact on a specific KPI event, such as a lead or conversion. Using a multi-dimensional modeling approach, TV Attribution calculates TrueMetrics™ that reveal which specific attributes of your TV advertising trigger the greatest response. You come away with new insights that enlighten your 21st century media mix.

Measuring television’s effectiveness at driving a response

​If you invest in TV advertising, TV Attribution is a must. Whether you’re buying spots during high-profile events like the Super Bowl or targeting more niche audiences through cable networks, TV Attribution takes the guesswork out of assessing the immediate impact of TV advertising and determines which elements of your TV buys will drive the greatest response within seconds, minutes, hours or days of a spot airing.

​Drill down to see performance by network, program, daypart, geography, pod position, creative or spot length, then use these granular insights to make informed optimization decisions. Now, marketers who invest in TV can evaluate the impact of their media buys with the same level of granularity as their digital counterparts.

Calculating accurate metrics to inform effective optimization

​TV Attribution applies the most accurate, multi-dimensional statistical modeling techniques to your TV data to calculate the TrueMetrics produced by your TV advertising and each of its specific attributes. The responses that occur after ad exposure are measured against Nielsen TV data, and Nielsen Visual IQ Multi-Touch Attribution data establishes a baseline of response activity. TV Attribution then algorithmically determines the lift that TV produces over that baseline to redistribute credit to TV.

​The resulting metrics give you an accurate understanding of the impact of TV that does not rely on guesswork. We do not assume that all activity that occurs within a few minutes of an ad airing, for example, can be attributed to TV. Our algorithmic approach ensures that you are basing your optimization decisions on the most accurate performance insights in the market.

Make TV ad buying decisions faster

​With Nielsen Visual IQ’s TV Attribution solution, you’ll not only be able to accurately measure the performance of your TV buys at a more granular level, but also on a much faster basis than allowed by traditional TV measurement methods, bringing more agility to your TV ad buying process. Leveraging verified data that represents the entire TV market, you’ll be able to make the most informed decisions for optimizing your TV ad spend.

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