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Advertising Effectiveness

Get actionable marketing insight to maximize effectiveness and ROI

Make Smarter Strategic Investments Across All Channels with Marketing Mix Modeling

Your marketing budget is precious. But with so many ways to reach consumers, it’s hard to know what’s working. With Nielsen Visual IQ, you can make smarter decisions that enhance your return, while accounting for competitive, seasonal and other exogenous factors that can impact performance. Companies ranging from smaller businesses to the world's largest enterprises use Nielsen’s Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) solution to understand past trends and predict the future effect of marketing tactics on sales, and optimize budget allocation across channels, brands, and regions. Once allocated, Nielsen Visual IQ’s Multi-Touch Attribution solution can be used to track the performance and spend of your addressable channels in real-time against the predicted outcome of your MMM model.


Measure Advertising Effectiveness Based on Actual Sales with Campaign Lift

Consumers are exposed to so many advertisements, it’s hard to know which ones they trust and act on. With Nielsen Visual IQ, you can make a direct connection between the media people consume and the products they buy. Campaign Lift (Nielsen Buyer Insights Sales Effect measurement) is the only solution on the market that uses actual credit and debit sales data to measure campaign performance. See how exposure to your advertising impacts consumer purchase behavior, including average spend, trip frequency and more, and use this insight to maximize the revenue outcome of your advertising.