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Prove the value of your media campaigns

As audiences fragment across devices and platforms, advertisers and publishers are under increasing pressure to efficiently reach their best customers and prove their media impact on business metrics. And they need these results as quickly as possible to quantify the impact and inform the next media action. Campaign Lift provides a direct connection between the ads consumers are exposed to and what they buy, so you can plan, activate and measure advertising effectiveness based on actual sales.

Measure the incremental sales from your media campaigns

Our Campaign Lift solution, Nielsen Buyer Insights (NBI) Sales Effect, measures the impact of a media campaign on actual sales across digital, mobile, TV, radio, print, and cross-media. It enables advertisers and publishers to understand the incremental impact of a campaign and identify which buyer segments and elements of your campaigns are most successful in driving incremental sales to optimize your future media plans.

It helps answer critical questions about the performance of your campaigns such as:

  • Did my advertising campaign have positive impact on in-store and online sales?
  • Did my advertising campaign have a positive return on ad spend?
  • What impact did it have on existing brand buyers versus new brand buyers?
  • Is the campaign driving more buyers, higher purchase frequency, and higher basket size?
  • Which audience segments had the strongest response?
  • What impact did the campaign have on my market share?

Results are based on credit card purchase data, and can be used to assess the impact for a wide variety of industries, including Retail, Restaurants, Travel, Entertainment, Telecom and Financial Services.

Linking media activities to sales

NBI Sales Effect directly connects advertising exposure with online and offline transactions through an anonymized match to protect consumer privacy. Sales impact is measured and interpreted by analyzing changes in consumer purchase behavior for buyers exposed to your campaign compared to those that were not exposed, providing you with a unique and powerful understanding of consumer media and purchase behavior.

NBI Sales Effect is powered by the broadest and deepest coverage of single-source credit and debit card transaction data in the US. The strength lies in the depth and representativeness of the data both from a geographic perspective and from a wallet perspective because NBI covers all major payment networks (Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express). This means that advertisers and publishers are able to measure the impact of advertising campaigns based on the largest single source data set available to them. This data is matched to various Nielsen media assets (TV, mobile, online, print, and audio) to create a single source solution enabling measurement.

Close the loop between your advertising and its impact on bottom-line sales

With our Campaign Lift solution, you can see exactly how your campaigns impact purchase behavior. Measure total and incremental sales lift of buyers who saw the ad versus those who didn’t, plus the return on ad spend (ROAS). Review sales lift by consumer purchase behaviors such as how many households made a purchase, how often they shopped, how much they spent per trip, and more. And evaluate the most effective campaign elements and audience segments -- all in an intuitive, easy-to-use web-based reporting interface.

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